H I T T | High Ink Transfer Technology

HITT (High Ink Transfer Technology) features greater efficiency and homogeneity in ink transfer. With its open-cell design, ink transfer, and volume ranges, HITT allows for various specialized applications such as opaque white printing, lacquering, and coating applications.

HITT Ink Technology logo

HITT’s combination of open cell technology, advanced transfer, and volume range is specifically designed to help printers achieve a smooth transfer for large, solid coverage areas.

The cell geometry of HITT allows for a wider volume transfer with minimal residues, regardless of the liquid dynamics of various inks, lacquers, or coatings.

In addition to the use of HITT technology in specialized applications, it is also suitable for lacquer units in offset printing and coating machines.
  • Higher ink transfer 
  • High opacity and reduced ink consumption 
  • Improved suitability for low, thick viscosity inks, coating, and lacquers
  • Improved film transfers removing pin-holing 
  • Easy to clean due to open cell technology 
  • Suitable for opaque whites, lacquers, and special process inks – metallics, rainbow coatings, etc.