Advanced CAE Anilox Rolls

for Ultimate Print Performance

CAE anilox rolls

UMS Global Graphics is a proud sales partner for CAE Anilox Roll Solutions.

UMS Global Graphics stock CAE anilox roll steel bases for a variety of corrugated and flexo OEM machinery. CAE ceramic anilox rolls features the proprietary Black Pearl ceramic coatings, which are robotically applied via the P-Coat system to allow unequalled ability to control pitch and flow of the ceramic spray.

The coated transfer technologies are then engraved in accordance with each customer’s specific requirements including screen, volume, and cell technology choice (see engraving options below). CAE ensures absolute dimensional stability to the highest quality standards, as each finished anilox adheres to tighter tolerances than required by any OEM.

  • Quality Control

    All CAE rolls and sleeves are produced in-house, ensuring quality control over all aspects of production 

  • Compatible

    Available in Roller, Sleeve, and Lightweight formats to suit all press specifications and tolerances.

  • Certified

    All CAE anilox rolls and sleeves are produced to ISO 9001 certification standards and ESKO HD and Opaltone Certified.

  • Local Support

    UMS Global Graphics partners with multiple local agents to support clients around the nation.

Improve print quality, optimize ink transfer, elongate roll life and more with CAE anilox solutions.