eCell Anilox Transfer Technology

eCell anilox roll transfer technology enables you to attain higher print quality, improved definition, and greater consistency than standard 60-degree hex (yCell) technology.

Its elongated cell structure provides an increased and more consistent ink transfer range, with a higher number of Lines Per Inch (LPI) and solid combination coverage (BCM). 

Thanks to CAE’s eCell technology, printers can select and specify higher screen counts than is possible with conventional 60-degree hex transfer. With CAE eCell engraving, you can maintain the same or higher volume ranges without needing plate screen changes. 

eCell High Definition Anilox Roll Transfer Technology is a modified and elongated version of the industry yCell (60-degree hex) cell pattern, consisting of two differential screen counts (vertical and horizontal), creating an elongated cell shape. 

The combination of eCell with CAE’s patented Black Pearl Ceramic Coating ensures advanced ink release, which can deliver substantial savings on your ink costs (typically around 25 to 30 percent less than what you currently use). 

eCell’s unique cell shape also visibly improves ink density, opacity, and overall print quality.