CAE Corrugated Adhesives Glue Sets

for Uniform Deposits & Starch/Adhesive Savings

CAE anilox rolls

UMS Global Graphics is a proud sales partner for CAE Glue Sets.

CAE produces high-quality corrugated adhesives glue sets that deliver accurate and controlled starch/glue applications, job after job, time after time.

Due to the advanced precision of ceramic technology, in combination with advanced high-definition laser engraving, we are able to produce tighter tolerances than conventional glue sets. 

The difference between a production run that produces warped or “washboarded” corrugated boards or one that delivers straight, smooth corrugated boards can be as simple as controlling a few thousandths of an inch gap between the glue applicator and the doctoring rollers! 

CAE’s Advanced Corrugated Glue Sets help you control the gap without the fear of insufficient corrugated adhesives gluing or crashing.


By using  proven edge coating and laser engraving technologies, CAE customers are seeing the difference these technological advances deliver over the copper chrome glue sets predominantly in service.


  • Ceramic metallurgy offers an improved lifespan over that of conventional copper and chrome compositions 
  • Tighter geometric (TIR/OD) tolerances ensure the closest consistent gap across the web when compared to conventional glue sets 
  • Advanced applicator cell configuration ranges, offering improved uniform transfer across the web 
  • Advanced doctoring rolls which have superhard properties while offering a mirror finish
  • Corrosion and chrome flaking resistance due to coating properties
  • Reduced warp, curl, and washboarding due to tighter tolerances 
  • Lower starch and glue consumption due to advanced cell geometries 
  • Improved even glue transfer and bonding 
  • Faster speeds with easy job repeatability and consistency 
  • Easier clean-ups and longer roll life span
  • Quality Control

    All CAE rolls and sleeves are produced in-house, ensuring quality control over all aspects of production 

  • Compatible

    Available in Roller, Sleeve, and Lightweight formats to suit all press specifications and tolerances.

  • Certified

    All CAE anilox rolls and sleeves are produced to ISO 9001 certification standards and ESKO HD and Opaltone Certified.

  • Local Support

    UMS Global Graphics partners with multiple local agents to support clients around the nation.

Improve quality while reducing your starch and glue costs with CAE glue sets.